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We are pioneers in the field of modern teaching for commerce students since the year 2000 in Vadodara. Led by a team of highly qualified professionals, with a passion for excellence in education, U Will has been focusing on shaping the lives and careers of students since its existence. We have 9 locations with strength of more than 1000+ students annually and our progress graph is a reflection of our abilities.


About Us



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Our Mission


Welcome to the world of U WILL, an institute with over 20 years of experience in shaping success stories. Our motto is to mentor, motivate, and guide our students and all those who interact with us in order to enable them to make the right career decisions. To create an atmosphere where learning is an enjoyable experience and where a student yearns to gain knowledge.

Our Vision


To provide quality education to the commerce aspirants and contribute to the nation’s economic development.

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Mr. Amit Darjee
Teaching Exp: Since 2000
CA Suketu Gandhi
Teaching Exp: Since 2009
Anukool Roongta
Teaching Exp: Since 2011
CA Abbas Ali
Teaching Exp: Since 2016

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I Enjoyed Every Lesson!

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James Smith

Apps Developer

Fantastic! Great instructor!

I recommend these courses to everyone, and wish you, guys, luck with the new studies! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing.

Monica Blews

UX Designer

Fantastic! Great instructor!

I am grateful for your wonderful course! Your tutors are the best, and I am completely satisfied with the level of professional teaching.

Eleanor Baker

CFO Apple Corp


We have always focused on providing education which answers the question ‘WHY’? It is most important for us to help our students understand why they are learning a particular concept. Only after students understand this concept, regular teachings begin. This ensures conceptual clarity in the minds of the students which enables them not only to score excellent marks in their exams but also provides a road-map to convert knowledge into concrete visions. We encourage our students to vocally open up on their doubts so that they have absolutely perfect knowledge as it will be useful in their future.Our results speak for us. Every year we have a fresh list of school toppers who are breaking records. Thousands of students of U WILL Classes have secured outstanding marks in their exams and scoring 100 out of 100 in subjects has become a habit for them


At U WILL Classes, we ensure that faculty members have in depth knowledge about their subject and have excellent communication skills. Our faculty members are specialists in their respective subjects and therefore they possess the ability to easily explain the application of their subject along with theoretical knowledge. Students’ satisfaction and positive effect on them of our teaching is what we seek to ignite. What truly drives us is to teach our students to excel and maintain long lasting relationship with them. This motivates and encourages them to climb new levels in their chosen field.
We realise that every student is different. In our experience, some students are strong in practical subjects but weak in theory subjects and vice versa. We ensure that the strength of the student is further nurtured and help in overcoming their weakness. We realise that students have to be taught in a scheduled and time bound manner. Students should enjoy learning and our faculty members take special care to make the lectures interactive and fun so that students are educated with a smile


“Practice makes a man perfect”
Regular tests are conducted for students to make them aware of the errors made by them, which further acts as a motivation to better themselves. Suggestions about key improvement areas help our students realize where and how they need to improve. Our faculty members play a key part by helping our students overcome errors made after writing test papers.
The tests are conducted at regular intervals during the year on the basis of completed portion. The preliminary exams (also known as prelims) which are conducted at the end of the course will be like final exams in terms of difficulty, total number of marks and paper correction. As per our records, students who have achieved success in the test series have scored excellent marks in their final exam due to continuous and disciplined practice.


Our study material is complete and result oriented in all aspects. It is the source which contains detailed theory, examples, last day revision points, practice questions and solutions including the ones asked in previous exams. Our study material is concise, to the point and made in such a way that even average students can easily grasp.